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Participate in "2021 General Motors and minshi group MOS (lean production) workshop"
The competition and pressure that modern enterprises are facing have higher and higher requirements for their survival. In addition to having good business quality and high team spirit, they also need stimulating methods to promote team change and development. On April 7, 2021, Olivier company participated in the "2021 General Motors and minshi group MOS (lean production) workshop".
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Mayor Zhang Baojuan accompanied ZTE president Xu Ziyang to visit the company
On August 10, 2020, ZTE president Xu Ziyang and his party came to Yang for inspection, accompanied by Mayor Zhang Baojuan. In aoliwei, chairman Li Hongqing and general manager Teng Fei warmly received and accompanied the visit.
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Implementation of the third training of MDP project
2020 is the first year of the company's cadre management. The company has launched the consulting of the construction of the cadre team and launched the development plan project of the managers. After the implementation of the courses such as cadre role cognition training, performance management discussion and core team operation, the third training of cadre development project was carried out on May 23, 2021: training of 90 day turn around path map and performance management seminar course. Teacher Zhang has carried out problem discussion, communication interaction and case study on the existing problems of the company, and the students on-site have strong learning atmosphere and strong learning response.
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