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The company is a high-tech enterprise which is committed to the research, development, production and sales of auto parts, intelligent products and various kinds of car sensors as its core business. The main products are divided into four categories: sensors and accessories, fuel system accessories 、 automotive interior accessories and . Automotive sensors and accessories are rich in products, mainly including fuel level sensors and accessories, water level sensors, steam pressure sensors and other sensors, among which the fuel evaporative emission system pressure detection sensor for the China Ⅵ stage has been mass produced, in a number of OEMs and a number of models widely used. The fuel system accessories mainly include the China Ⅵ fuel pipe assembly, China Ⅵ whole system valve, China Ⅵ fuel pump fixed ring and other products. Automotive interior accessories include instrument panel, air conditioning duct and other products. In response to the development trend of the new four modernizations of the automotive market, the company actively lays out the new four modernizations of products and tries its best to develop new customers and new markets. At present, the main products of the company's new energy parts are distributed in the new energy three-power system, namely motor, electric control and battery system, among which the products include high and low voltage filter components of motor insulation ring and battery package structure parts. In terms of sensorification, pressure sensors, speed sensors, position sensors and current sensors are applied in new energy vehicles. In terms of intelligence, the main products include rear radar warning module and 6-mesh panoramic system.


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